I'm currently going through Bucky's Big Blue Book. The quote I'm questioning was located in the introduction, and the thoughts are my reaction to the quote.

I hope to be able to write down all my thoughts as I study, to log them here just in case a flood or something else equally irritating happens to ruin my hard copy notes. I'm still writing them down, so if they sound disjointed, it's because they are *almost* verbatim to the notes in my journal. :)

There are many paths, but they all lead to the same center.

I have heard this quote before - do I believe it? Do I agree with it? And where does it fit into my belief scheme?

This quote *must* be true if there is ONE eternity, or ONE Greater Power watching over it all. It feels as though this statement disagrees with Christianity because the Religion states, "There is but one path."

However, I have already disagreed with that basic principle, arguing the fact that Christ, as a divine being (Godhood made flesh, history repeating itself?) says he is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Therefore, if one worships (in zir own way) the Life of all (right to Life? Sanctity of life? I still believe it is civicially responsible to get fixed of one does not wish the burden/responsibility of parenthood), seeks Truth, and that is one's way (? Not sure, what is the way - or is that -- respecting individual's particular Life path, not trying to change or divert any individual to a Life path you find most appealing/correct - this sounds accurate!), then ultimately, all paths end (eventually) with physical death and possibly acknowledgement of godhead in "the flesh".

Now I think I see how this works, even through the "Christian filter". If all physical bodies die, whatever at the end is indeed the same center... but still perhaps, open to one's personal interpretation. Still, one lives to learn and thus, after learning all one can, isn't there only one path left?

I'm not entirely comfortable with the concept as argues with religious upbringing. But I will keep this in mind for further reflection.

ALSO - I honestly feel that my upbringing/personal history is the sole reason I'm not comfortable with this concept at the moment...

ADDITIONALLY... It makes sense that the God/dess/s would allow for individual paths for individuals to head towards enlightenment or otherwise wouldn't we all be the same person!

Thoughts to Take Home...
1. Believe the "Way" to live is to respect any given individual's Life Path* without attempting to change their mind OR convince them that your way is the best/only correct path to follow.
* Exceptions should, I believe, be made when one is abusing power (other people)... but then could not an argument be made that if one is abusing power/other people that they are not really on a "Life" Path? Respect for others and their right to walk their own way should be paramount in any views one has, I believe, but at the same time, does that offer up the opportunity to chide others when they disrespect others in your presence? I think this will be the basis for the next post...

2. If the strongest argument I can come up with against any particular principle is that I am uncomfortable with it based on my upbringing/personal history, perhaps this is a sign that a particular truth has been stumbled upon! Will bear thinking about, because while I do not agree with my upbringing, it is never wise to toss anything completely to the side and do the exact opposite without making certain that whatever it is one is wanting to do fits into other principles one has, or, at the very least, does not violate any of those principles one has already taken to heart.



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